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Get your favorite Brazilian and Portuguese channels from DIRECTV. If you are missing the sports, news, and music from Brazil, you can add the most popular Brazilian and Portuguese language channels with DIRECTV. Get TV Globo or PFC when you add BrazilianDirectTM I. Never miss a futbol match or news story from Brazil again!

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Enjoy your favorite Brazilian TV shows

DIRECTV Brazilian channels offer the best in entertainment from Brazil. If you are looking for DIRECTV Portuguese channels and TV shows, you have come to the right place. Find your favorites and discover new shows on TV Globo or PFC networks. Watch shows like Jornal Nacional, Avenida Brazil, and the best in Brazilian soccer.

How to Order Brazilian TV on DIRECTV

Call to add Brazilian or Portuguese channels to your DIRECTV package

Once you have decided on the perfect DIRECTV package, simply choose to add BrazilianDirectTM I to your plan. Or you can add TV Globo or PFC channels individually. Get one or both, either way you will be watching your favorite Brazilian TV on DRIECTV right in your living room.

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DIRECTV offers a variety of international packages to keep you in touch with your home country and entertained with channels from around the world. DIRECTV offers international news, sports and entertainment from other countries and regions around the world including South Asia, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and Russia.

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